About the Journal

َAfak for sciences An international scientific journal, linguistic, literary, cultural, educational, court issued at the University of Djelfa

Journal Publishing Areas:

 is concerned with publishing research and legal, political, legal, linguistic, literary, humanities, social and educational sciences (curricula and teaching methods, pedagogy, educational administration), economic studies, display of books and university theses, scientific reports on seminars and scientific conferences, and commenting on Laws and judicial rulings, and the achievement of manuscripts.

The journal also publishes studies and research of authentic literary and scientific research for researchers in all these specialties from inside Algerian universities and from outside Algeria written in Arabic, English or French.

It shall be observed that it is a proofreader and meets the accepted scientific and methodological requirements.

Research and studies submitted for publication are presented to the jury consisting of specialists who are chosen in strict confidentiality, to show the extent of their authenticity, seriousness, the value of their results, the soundness of their presentation, and their suitability for publication. The researcher is obligated to make adjustments according to the observations made by the arbitrators.