Philosophizing with children: educational and cognitive epistemology

  • MAIZ Houria MANSOURI Université Mouloud Mammeri de Tizi-Ouzou (Algérie)
Keywords:  Enfant  Philosophie  Apprentissage


The aim of our research is to demonstrate the importance of the school as an effective tool that society USES to supervise and develop the child's personality. It is also a question of emphasising the importance of teaching philosophy for the child, which could play a reflex role of emancipation and awakening. It goes without saying that philosophy enables children and adolescents to experience a new way of acting and interacting with other children and the teacher by valuing dialogue, listening and respect for others. To practice philosophy with children is to discover the discursive potential and the degree of persuasion in the child from the questions and their ability to be surprised.

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