The startup in Algeria : Characteristics and creation

  • Malika Beggah Universite dAlger 2 ALGERIE
Keywords:  Startup.  Incubateur.  Entreprise innovante.  Accélérateur.


Having been born in Algeria, the term "startup" has not existed for long. It has only become widespread internationally in the last twenty years. The startup is a company that has been recently created and that evolves in the sector of new technologies with high growth potential. It is a company like no other, it is a new innovative company with a high growth potential and speculation on its future value. A start-up is different from a classic company. They are two structures that do not function in the same way, that do not have the same dynamics nor the same objectives. The purpose of this study is to clarify this new concept, but also the main terms that revolve around it, as well as to determine the difference between a start-up and a traditional company.

 A traditional company is a structure designed to design, manufacture and market products. The fundamental difference is that a company is organized to optimize and execute a Business model that works, while a startup is organized to find one

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