The conceptual metaphor in metadiscourse

  • Hamdi Walid
Keywords:  cognitivism;  Speech ;  Metadiscourse;  human mind;  metaphor


Inscribing this article from the outset within the framework of cognitivism is a bet on the conceptual. It is indeed an approach that offers itself both as deepening and as reassessment: it is deepening because it points to the talkative subject in its conversion into a thinking subject; it is also re-evaluation because it authorizes signs to signify themselves differently. As a concretization of this innovative spirit shown by this approach, we will propose to seize the metadiscourse as a support for the study of the conceptual metaphor, and this through two main works that we take as fairly representative of the whole of the "esthetics". » metalinguistics; it is therefore Grammar Methodology of French1 and Dictionary of Linguistics2. At first, we will be very tempted by the definitional part where the main concepts relating to the conceptual metaphor will be exposed. In a second moment, we will try to examine the notion of spatialization which presides over a large number of metadisursive concepts. We intend to demonstrate, in the last part, how the human mind assigns itself its own bodily experience, and thereby ontological, as the foundation of the (meta)discursive metaphor.

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