Social Networks and The News Function An Analytical Reading of The Context and Concepts

  • Amira DOUIB
  • Radouane BELKHIRI
Keywords:  social media,  news,  information,  Journalists  , activists,  press freedom


This research paper discusses the importance of social media in spreading news and information, and the opportunities that these platforms provide for journalists, activists, and ordinary citizens to exchange news and information. The article also highlights the challenges and issues facing news on digital media, including issues related to the health and credibility of published news and information. Additionally, we will attempt to identify the role of social media in raising awareness, education, and interaction with the audience, as well as the challenges facing press freedom and human rights, especially in the presence of a revolution that solidified the professionalism and existence of these platforms. The article also illustrates the efforts made to ensure the quality of content and achieve credibility and transparency in the media, as well as the new technologies that help correct misleading information and contribute to ensuring the accuracy of published news and information. Finally, the article explores the future challenges that may face news functions on social media, including technological changes, social and political transformations

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