Guide for Authors

-Registration on the journal website

1) To do this, select the registration box where the information is required and where there is an effective email account.

2) After completing the information, you will receive a message to the email address mentioned where there is the activation link, click on it.

3) After activation, enter your account where the username is the email address mentioned above, go to the user's data area and complete the resume.

-Send the article via the journal website

1) Select the journal where you wish to publish, you can consult the fields and specialties in the box "presentation of the journal".

2). Click on the Author Instructions icon and download the journal template available in 3 languages.

3) Insert the article in the special model respecting all the conditions of the review (Each review has its conditions), - in case of violation of one of the conditions, this will result in the formal rejection of the article.

4) After making sure that the article conforms to the template, click on the "Send Article" icon where a window appears in which the information must be filled.

5) You will receive an e-mail message from the portal stating that the article has been sent to the journal and you will be able to see it in the list of articles sent.


Acceptance Phase for Evaluation - Editor-in-Chief:

  • review by the editor of the author's commitment to the model and the requirements and specialization (in case of breach of conditions, the article will be rejected).
  • Encrypt the article by blocking the author's information.
  • Submit the editor's article to the referees who must imperatively be in the specialization (at least 02).
  • Arrival of the arbitrators' decisions, review them

in the case:

- 02 acceptable decisions mean acceptable for publication

- 01 decision acceptable, 01 decision rejected, the article is sent back to a third arbitrator for decision.

         - 02 rejected decisions means rejected (you will receive a message by email with the reasons for rejection).

- Accepted with reservations, you will receive a letter of reservation of content and you will have to consult the list of accepted articles with reservations, work for the deletion of reservations, and answer questions; the editor will come back to the referees to make their decision.

Note: the decisions of the arbitrators can not be disputed, the committee is confidential and can not claim the expert report or the names of the arbitrators.

  • Positive or negative answer according to the decision of the referees.
  • The author (s) must sign the pledge at the platform level in the instruction box for the author and send it to the email



Final acceptance phase - Editor-in-Chief -

  • After the final acceptance of the article, you receive a notice.
  • You must enter the list of accepted articles, in the references section, and include the references that must be exactly the same as the text content.
  • Tap Save, and then tap Finish.
  • Examination of the conformity of the references by the editor (in case the references are not included or are not in conformity, the article is in no way published).

Send the pledge:

The pledge will be sent to

By filling out the pledge form, you can download it from here:

The pledge form